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When do items restock?

Webshop restocks are random and not predictable. Most restocks happen right after a new drop. Always keep an eye on RESTOCKS.

Can I get restocks notifications?

Currently we do not offer any type of notifications for Palace Skateboards restocks. However you can check the restocks page regurarly which should help a lot. Stay tuned for a possible app for notifications.

Why is a restock already sold out?

As mostly restocks happen on hyped items they will be bought really quick. Also restocks usually are a limited quantity of products.

What are restocks?

A product restock is when Palace Skateboards gets more of a product in stock because it has sold out or is running low. But remember: Be fast! Even restocks are often gone in seconds.


Which items are dropping?

Droplists are not available from the beginning of the season. As soon as the droplist of a season is available it will be announced on our site and instagram. Check out the DROPLISTS page.

Which time are the drops?

Online and in-store drops:

  • UK, in-store and online at 11:00 AM GMT
  • Europe, online at 12:00 PM CET
  • US, online at 11:00 AM EST and 8:00 AM PST, in-store in New York and LA at 11:00 AM EST and 11:00 AM PST respectively
  • Japan, in-store and online starting on Saturday, February 11th at 11:00 AM JST.
Can I promote my company/service?

We are starting to create the possibility to take promotion deals. We offer paid website banner space, Instagram story posts and Instagram caption mentions (occasionally Instagram posts). 

Please contact us via mail on [email protected] and include in the mail following points:

  1. Desired promotion platform and type (Website/Instagram - Banner space, story posts, caption mentions, ...)
  2. What is your company/service about? (Include links etc.)
  3. Duration of the promotion
  4. Anticipated budget for the promotion (€, $ or £)

Also feel free to contact us for any other inquiry.  

Are we doing shoutouts?

We occasionaly do shoutouts on our IG. Mostly we chose the pics ourselves. But feel free to DM us on @palacecmty with your pic and we might chose you.

What is Palace Skateboards?

Palace Skateboards is a British skateboard and streetwear brand that was founded in 2010. Based in London, Palace has become one of the most recognizable names in the skateboarding industry and has a dedicated following of fans and riders. The brand is known for its unique and often humorous graphics, high-quality skate decks and apparel, and a strong sense of style that sets it apart from other skateboard brands. Palace has collaborated with a number of other streetwear brands and designers, further cementing its place in the fashion and skateboarding worlds. In addition to its skateboard gear, Palace also offers a range of accessories and clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more, all of which reflect the brand's signature style and aesthetic. Whether you're a skater or just looking for unique and stylish gear, Palace Skateboards has something for everyone.

What is Palace Skateboards?

We are not officialy affiliated with Palace Skateboards. We started back in 2015 as Supremecommunity and started to add more brands. Our website is expanding all the time. If you have any wishes or feedback feel free to contact us via: [email protected]

Why is the item sold out?

New items are released on a seasonal basis. The drops are usually on Saturdays, make sure to check out the Droplists page for infos. After a certain item was released it will not be re-released again (beside essential items).

Can we legit check items?

We currently do not offer legit checks. For now we recommend to create a post in any of the buy/sell Facebook groups or on Reddit to get as many opinions as possible.